CoolSculpting Gets Cleared for Yet Another Area

Let’s face it. The arms are one of the hardest areas on the body to firm up and get rid of that extra flab…Read more

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What to Expect After a Coolsculpting Treatment

CoolSculpting treatments are fairly simple to carry out. You will need to have a consultation with a specialist beforehand to make sure you are a good candidate for this work. You also need to be aware of what will be happening afterward.

When Will Results Occur?

Every patient is different, so it is tough to state a firm date for when you will see results. Most people tend to see them between one and four months though. This does mean you will not immediately get the body you want following the procedure, but many people enjoy the fact that the treatment takes some time. It makes the results appear more natural, so if you want to keep the treatment to yourself, you can do that.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Many people will not develop any side effects. However, if they are going to develop, then the following are the most common.

  • Tenderness
  • Redness
  • Numbness
  • Sensitivity
  • Slight bruising

These side effects should be minimal and go away within two weeks. If they last longer, then contact the office that did the procedure.

Ultimately, you can expect to see a much better contoured body after your treatment. Get coolsculpting in Reno if you believe you can benefit, and visit this website for more information.

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