Advantages of Getting a Facial

Facials in the Reno area are available to customers who want to take care of their face. These treatments are available for any gender and most ages. However, they are not just frivolous cosmetic treatments, but have healthy benefits for those who choose to take advantage of them.

Deep Cleansing

A facial provides deep cleansing to face, getting rid of surface dirt. With this procedure, special cleansers with fragrance oils are used and the face is massaged to stimulate facial cells. Another part of the deep cleaning process is toning, which uses a gentle astringent to remove even more dirt.


Another process used during a facial is exfoliation, which is the sloughing of dead skin cells. Removal of these skin cells not only immediately assists with glowing healthy skin, but can also help reduce allergens and improve breathing.

Pore Reduction

During a facial, one of the processes performed is extraction of oils and dirt that clog the pores. This extraction is critical because as pores get filled with dirt, the oils are unable to escape, creating pimples and blackheads, which block and enlarge pores.

Facials are not just for pampering, but also have important health benefits for keeping your face supple and youthful. To set up an appointment for facials in Reno, visit this website.

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